Fun Times at Cedar Breeze

Cedar Breeze Farm offers a Homeschool opportunity for Horsemanship and Horseback Riding Lessons!!

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Three Levels will be offered and each level will be a 4-week session. Once level one is complete, participants may continue on to level II/level III respectively on a monthly basis.

Level I - Basic Horsemanship - This is a hands-on class in safety, grooming, showmanship, basic care etc… (No special equipment is required for this level)

Level II - Beginner Horseback - This class is for those that have never ridden, or have very limited riding experience. (Must complete level one or have prior riding experience). ATSM Certified helmet is required as well as paddock boots.

Level III - Intermediate Horseback - For this class, you must have extensive riding experience (helmet and boots required)

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Level I - $100
Level II and III - $120 ea

Each session is once a week for 1 hour. In the case of inclement weather, the class will be rescheduled. A liability form must be signed and space is limited.

Please contact Aimee Shirley at 757-472-5866 for more information and with any questions.