Know the Rules
As of March 2019
  1. In order to be part of New Harvest Christian Co-op, one parent from each family must teach a class, fulfill a volunteer role, or be part of a committee for the FULL school  year.
  2. If a circumstance arises wherein you need to step down from your obligation, you must come to the co-op board to discuss the situation and see if and how we can help.
  3. Not all circumstances are acceptable terms for stepping down.  A board meeting will determine your eligibility to step down from your role.
  4. If a circumstance is deemed acceptable for you to step down, your children may continue the year at NHCC.
  5. If a circumstance is deemed unacceptable for you to step down but you choose to do so anyway, your children will not be able to finish the year at NHCC.
  6. You agree and understand that this commitment is a big responsibility and others count on your participation in this co-op. Fulfillment of your role is needed until the end of the school year.
  7. NHCC teachers agree to teach at the highest standard they can within each class.
  8. If your child needs an adjustment to his/her classwork, etc., please discuss this with the teacher first to come up with a plan. If a successful plan cannot be made, please then come to the co-op board.
  9. Parents agree that co-op classes are a high priority.  Parents agree to be involved and to check students’ work to ensure assignments are completed and on time.
  10. Curriculums and classes for grades 9 and up are considered full courses for the subjects studied.  Many of these classes are credit-bearing. Parents and students agree that additional classes to supplement these subjects are not recommended and could reduce the success of students in these classes.
  11. Parents and students agree that a class cannot be dropped until the parent first discusses it with the teacher.
  12. Report cards will be issued for all grades every nine weeks.  For grades 6-12 the report card will have a numerical grade and letter grade. Grades K-5 will be given a primary report card.
  13. Teachers may request a supply fee.  These will be indicated at the beginning of the year, and can be collected per year or per semester.  Once this fee has been met, additional funds cannot be requested by the teacher unless the amount is agreed upon by all parents for an additional need not thought of at the beginning of the year.
  14. Each family involved agrees to pay a registration and facility fee. For the school year 2019-2020 the registration fee will be $50.00/family due at registration. The facility fee will be: $100 per semester, per family with ONE child, and $125 per semester, per family for two or more children. This fee can be made in two payments with the due dates for the payments being no later than September 2019, and January 2020. If payment is late by one week or more, a late fee of $10 will be added.
  15. Parents are responsible for checking their file folder box twice every week, once at the beginning of the class day and once at the end of the class day.  This is an important way teachers and administrators communicate.
  16. All classrooms must be cleaned before classes are released (there should not be any trash on the floors).
  17. Classes will not be released early, and students will not be allowed to roam the halls.
  18. It is a requirement that all teachers and students arrive to class on time.  
  19. Disrespectful or unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated towards teachers, students, or the Bethel Baptist facility. Such behavior will be grounds for possible disciplinary action, suspension, probation, or dismissal from the co-op. Disrespectful and unacceptable behavior includes but is not limited to the following:
    • Verbal or physical harassment of others
    • Profanity or profane gestures
    • Disobedience to teacher
    • Damage to church or personal property; student and family will be financially responsible for all repair work necessary to correct any damage done, deliberately or accidentally
    • Public displays of affection (e.g., handholding, kissing, etc.) will not be permitted on campus or at school functions. Students are expected to exercise good judgment when interacting.
    • No physical contact that is deemed inappropriate (fighting, wrestling, etc)
    • Possession of weapons, drugs, or anything that endangers life or health
  1. Student commits to uphold the New Harvest Family Contract not only on campus, but in public, which includes social media (including but not limited to snapchat, twitter, facebook, and Instagram.)
  2. If disciplinary action needs to be taken, it will be determined by the New Harvest Co-op board after all concerned parties have been notified. A meeting with the board can be requested.
  3. While in the lunchrooms, students will obey the following rules:
    • Students will not engage in loud or rude behavior.
    • Students will not throw food.
    • Students must deposit all trash in trashcans.
    • Students will not roam around the lunchroom.
    • Students will not leave the lunchroom unless they have permission from the lunchroom monitor.
    • Only students in grade 9 through 12 will be allowed to go off site to obtain food.
    • Students are to respect and obey lunchroom monitors.
    • Students 8th and up may eat lunch in the lounge or outside on the designated picnic tables. Younger students will remain in the lunchroom.
    • High school students leaving campus for lunch should sign out before leaving.
  1. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that their children are supervised.  Children younger than seventh grade are not to be dropped off early without parental supervision.  If students have time between classes, it is the parents’ responsibility to ensure they are supervised.
  2. It is the teachers' responsibility to ensure that the students have their homework assignments before they leave class.  
  3. Absences: Parents should notify the students teachers. Teachers should put assignments in the parent’s folder or an email can be sent. It is the parent’s and student’s responsibility to ensure that assignments are received and completed due to a class absence.
  4. If you have a concern with your child’s class, please contact the teacher first.  If the concern is not addressed, then contact your mentor for support.  If it still cannot be resolved, the mentor will contact leadership. Matthew 18
  5. A teacher must get approval from all teachers in the same grade level before class times are changed for any event.  Teachers are also limited to their one-hour slot; do not keep classes longer than one hour.
  6. Items left at co-op will be placed in the “Lost and Found” basket. Any items remaining at the end of each semester will be donated to charity.
  7. In the event of bad weather, families should listen to the radio and TV reports for closing of the Chesapeake School System.  If they are closed, we will be closed also. Missed days will not be made up. If they are having a 1 or 2-hour delay, we will also have a 1 or 2-hour delay, where the first and possibly second classes will be canceled.  Teachers will adjust their schedules accordingly to cover the missed materials. If co-op is cancelled, parents will be notified by email and text.
  8. Students are allowed to carry cell phones at co-op, but cell phones must be silenced and kept concealed during class. Teachers can confiscate cell phones and return them to parents. Earbuds for iPods or other electronic devices are not to be worn in class. In the building, during non-classroom time, students are to wear earbuds or headphones when listening to music or watching visual media.
  9. When co-op classes are completed at the end of the day, it is the parent’s responsibility to supervise their children. Students are not allowed to play in the parking lot.
  10. Dress code must be followed. See dress code document for details.
  11. Children/Students are not allowed in the kitchen at anytime. No one is permitted to use the elevator except in the case of a health issue.
  12. Parents and students will strive to incorporate the following scripture in all their thoughts and actions while participating in Co-Op functions:


“This is what the Lord asks of you; only this, to act justly,

to love tenderly, and to walk humbly with your God.”   Micah 6:8