COVID-19 UPDATE as of 8/17/2020:

After a great deal of prayer and discussion, here's what's happening at New Harvest this fall:

In light of the Governors mandates and safety protocols, we are choosing to hold off on classes for K-5th this fall. Our plan is to reinstate elective classes for K-5th in January.

Tuesday High school classes will be online for the fall. Thursday classes will remain in the building for Middle School and High School.

In order for us to meet inside a building we will need to wear masks. Once a student is seated in their classroom, the mask may be removed. When students are moving around and going to the bathroom, they will need to wear their mask. Teachers will not have to wear a mask while teaching from the front of the class, but when giving up-close instruction they will put on their mask.

We know there are many conflicting views on this subject, and we want to validate all your concerns (wearing masks and not wearing masks). If you should have any concerns about wearing a mask, please reach out to leadership.

In this solution, we feel this does not keep our children in masks from 9-3:30 and brings some normality. In taking High School classes online on Tuesdays it reduces the requirements of each family to sanitize the building two days a week.

We will be doing temperature checks at the front door prior to entering the building and sanitizing regularly throughout the day.

Thank you for being safe, patient, and respectful, and for helping us to make this year happen!
-NHCO Leadership

Welcome to New Harvest Co-op!

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New Harvest is a parent-led co-op that focuses on providing academic and enrichment classes with a biblical world view. We are a community of homeschoolers providing encouragement and support to one another in Hampton Roads. Together, we stand shoulder to shoulder on the journey to prepare our students for academic success in a modern world.

New Harvest provides three core classes, literature, history, and science, for grades K-12. High schoolers enjoy an even broader range of required courses available to those seeking a higher education. Finally, we add enrichment classes for all grade levels. The more families and cooperation we have, the more enrichment we can provide!


Working together to help students develop their passions and walk in their God-given callings, we challenge and encourage them through a quality social and educational experience. We know education is not always "one size fits all," therefore we do our best to work with each student to strengthen them in all aspects of learning.

Join us in reaping a harvest of hearts turned toward identity in Christ and lives filled with educational success.


At New Harvest, we strive to provide challenging academic classes using tools such as group discussion, projects, team-building, media and experiments. We desire to see our students thrive and grow into the young men and women God has called them to be.

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By bringing families together through instruction, training, special events, parties, or "Mom's night out," we build each other up. Life can be tough. Let's encourage each other!
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It's not all hard work! Children benefit from and enjoy both in-house creative outlets and traveling together. Field trips are a fun way to enrich their educational experience. Whether its using their imaginations to go back in time, studying farm life, or learning about space travel, they expand their world and learn how it applies to them and their friends.

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